Solaris 11: Using Crashplan for Cloud Backups

Solaris 11: Using Crashplan for Cloud Backups

I personally use Crashplan for my cloud based backups (I have for over a year).  I use them because they are one of a few (to be honest the only one) who actually have Solaris installers.  The one downside of this is that they do not start the CrashPlanEngine by default (as a service).  However when using the Service Management Framework in Solaris this is really easy to handle yourself…  For more details how to handle the SMF portion refer to my article “Solaris 11: Defining A Service Using Svcbundle and the SMF” which goes into much more detail on this subject.

Install Crashplan Application

#mv CrashPlan_2010-03-08_Solaris.tar.gz /var/spool/pkg/
#tar -xzvf CrashPlan_3.4.1_Solaris.tar.gz

Create a Service Bundle

# svcbundle -o crashplanengine.xml -s service-name=application/crashplanengine -s model=daemon -s start-method="/opt/sfw/crashplan/bin/CrashPlanEngine start

Import the Service Bundle

# mv crashplanengine.xml /lib/svc/manifest/site/
# svcadm restart manifest-import

Check the Status of our Service

# svcs -a | grep crashplan
online         14:38:53 svc:/application/crashplanengine:default

Since I have done this my Crashplan service has been much more stable and my backups have been completing more reliably.